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My Memoirs about the original SMB Trilogy on the NES

I remember the time I played the first Super Mario Bros. game on the NES in a house belonging to my father's friend. As with many kids who first tried it, I knew nothing about having to press the button to jump on an enemy being Mario's stablished attack and ran straight into the first Goomba that you meet in the game. Well, of course I learned from that embarrased episode and played it until I was dead tired of trying to beat the game and not being able to go through it all (I didn't learned about the Warp Pipes until much later). Between that time and the time I finally owned an NES, I already had played the sequels, SMB2 being on an arcade in Mexico (Over there they set up NES games into arcade cabinets and each token gives you about 10 minutes or so of playtime until it pauses and you have the choice of continuing or just leave it). I chose Toad for some strange reason and of coursze, jumping on enemies now didn't do a thing unless you picked them up and toss them to other foes. I lost interest and left the game until SMB3 came about. Wow, what a marvel that game was, now that I was more or less used to platformers I was enjoying Mario's new powers such as the Leaf Power Up that allowed you to fly momentarily and battling Bowser's underlings, the Koopalings in each world. I never saw The Wizard so I learned about SMB3 in an arcade like I did many other NES games at that time.

Well, years later I was now an NES owner, but by then the SNES has already been stablished and father bought it because he was a cheap bastard and didn't knew the difference between gaming consoles. It was all good, I enjoyed having all the SMB games plus some more and didn't had to waste money on tokens anymore. Of course my cousins in any other visit would bring their SNES and mock me and how SMB looked like in its 8 Bit glory, but I shrugged it off and silently told them off in my mind after they went back to their little home in the middle of nowhere, Texas.

Of course I enjoyed SMW but I still owned the NES and was content with the first Mario games on it. After I moved on and finally got a job as a High School kid, I bought the Sega Genesis and enjoyed Sonic games on it, but then later on I got an SNES and brought home not only SMW but also Super Mario All Stars which had the first SMB games in 16 Bit and the "lost levels" which I learned it was the Japanese version of SMB2.

Funny thing is, I ALREADY played that game as well, back in Mexico in an arcade building annd it was the 8 Bit original, whose Japanese title I never could had known it was the sequel to the original. Ah, well yes, it was tough as nails and getting the Poison Mushroom thinking it was a Power Up felt very cruel.
But as it is, the classic SMB NES trilogy is what keeps me coming back to the series, I also had played the classic Mario Bros. which comes as a minigame in SMB3 and in all GBA versions of these classics.

I'll leave you with a clip from all three games as I played them briefly, sayonara.

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